I found so many blogs that I used to read... many are gone now (sad!) but about a half dozen are still going strong. I have added them to my blog roll and am so looking forward to reading them again!

The mommy blog that I was looking for I found! it was damomma.com this was probably the last blog I was hooked on before a ran away from bloggerland! Can't believe it's been 4 years... time flies. I was reading some of my old blogs... it's like re-living the past! Excited to post photos again soon!


Lost and Intuition

Let's begin with lost. I lost a blog I used to read. It was a mommy blog... I know I know, it was the only one I read I swear! Anyhow... this lady had 2 girls and she lived in the states... She had a "no mini van vow" ticker on her blog and... that is all I can remember. That and her 2 girls called her momma... nothing new I know. But I think it was a big one, one with adverts and such. If anyone can point me in that direction... big thanks!

Intuition - There is this woman who has been gaining ever popularity in our society as a self-help, women inspired, guru type. I don't know her personally, we took an 8 week course together and there was just something about her that I didn't like. A feeling... it's weird as I get older I get more intuition moments... sometimes my hand will buzz when I touch someone too or when I'm around a person like this suddenly things are really quiet or theirs a buzz in the air. I don't try to understand it... I'm just starting to try and listen to it... so that lady, I am staying well away from!


Day 3

I think I vastly underestimated the stress of building a house... Not physically of course because I hired people for that, but mentally. So... what EVERYTHING to you want to surround yourself with for the next twenty years. We need to know NOW, and you can change it later, but it will cost you $10000... Sure... right... I'm there.

On a more interesting note, check out my custom t-shirt design for Dave's return to pogey time last year. FUN

Behaving Badly

I recently attended a wedding. I took a lot of photos. My questions to you is regarding facebook etiquette. I'm big on this stuff... there is a proper way to do just about everything. Not that I do things that way but I like to know what it is regardless. So my thoughts are. No one attending the wedding should post photos of the wedding (specifically the bride and groom) before they do, or at least someone in the wedding party does. This goes for babies as well, no posting new baby photos before the mom does! You know some people just can't wait to get home and upload those first look photos of babies/weddings/etc. Need attention much?


Welcome to the Limelight

Everything is crazy
Everything is Fear
Wondering where I lost it
Hoping it is near


Cash Flash

Oh the spending it has begun. I got these new shoes and I can't wear them until spring cause I don't want the salt to ruin them..


They are so comfy it's like I'm wearing my slippers all day. I also go new gym shoes and a gym bag. Then I had the worst fat weekend EVER and now I don't want to go to the gym.. Ironic.

I also decided that I hate my template again so I'm going to go change it now.


disgustingly bad martini

One 8" garlic finger with bacon bits, pop, bahama mama, one disgustingly bad chocolate martini, some pizza, and 4 smirnoff black cherry coolers (which by the way are my new favorite), 5 games of pool, 3 hand of cards, 2 rounds of wii tennis and... here I am. It was a good night and now I am almost ready for bed. I hope everybody is having a good Saturday Night. Gotta go watch america's next top model.


Flip my flan

Had Vix and Al over for chinease. Mmmmm Chinease... I may have to get some leftovers soon. They also brought us some flan and mini cheesecakes... The cheesecake was amazine, I haven't had any of the flan...yet.

We played a bit of wii, dave is now watching this Chris Angel show. He keeps trying to explain how they rig the tricks. I dunno... it doesn't really interest me. The controversy of it all, is it real? is it a fake? and all of their arguments exhaust me. The levitation is kinda cool though.

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